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Who we are


Vertiplex Group is made up of a select team of creative and business professionals with a proven track record for creating global market success. From major motion pictures through mobile technology, Vertiplex Group have lead the way in innovation for over a decade. Our core competency is developing and managing literary, cinematic, and technology intellectual properties. We are committed to supporting talent and companies that change the world.

What we do

Vertiplex Group specializes in developing and expanding small and mid cap companies in the Technology and Entertainment sectors. Our services include publishing, licensing, electronic distribution, securing Venture Capital, M&As, and Market Strategy. Our disciplines focus on Creative Development and Design, Intellectual Property Securing, and Engineering.

Our clients

Global reach

Although our core expertise is growing small and mid cap companies, Vertiplex Group’s clientele include select professional creative individuals and several Fortune 100 companies. Having managed assets of $10 Billion across sixty countries, our experience in multi-level problem solving is vast. Through our affiliate offices, we have instantaneous access to top-tier talent and industries, and have executed both creative and technology campaigns internationally.


We do not promote our business based on our client roster. Our clients and their projects remain completely confidential. We believe the success of your ideas, creative works, and business is directly attributed to Vertiplex Group’s unique ability to execute our services in complete confidentiality. It is our belief that true market success can only be achieved in this manner in today’s worldwide competitive environment. Upon request, we can provide and extensive list of current and previous clients. Most achieving the highest brand recognition is their associated fields.


Our offices are located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, with affiliate offices in Tokyo and London.

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